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Anxiety is something most of us have experienced at some point in our lives. It's that feeling of your heart racing, feeling paralyzed, and having a rush of thoughts that you can't keep track of. These are common symptoms, and they often stem from various experiences we've had over time.


Childhood experiences, like witnessing our parents or loved ones react stressfully to situations, can plant the seeds of anxiety in us. Also, how stress is handled in our homes, by people around us, and even in the media, contributes to this. When we're surrounded by constant stress and negativity, it gradually builds up inside us without us even realizing it, until one day, we have our first anxiety episode.


Our brains learn from repetition, so the more we're exposed to stressful situations and responses, the more ingrained anxiety becomes in us. Our habit of constantly thinking about future scenarios and worrying about what might happen is also a big trigger for anxiety.


One helpful technique for managing anxiety is to breathe slowly and gently tap your heart with your right palm while reassuring yourself either aloud or in your mind. You can say things like, "It's okay, we're safe, there's nothing to worry about, I love you," repeatedly until you start to feel calm and safe again. Remember, the brain learns through repetition, so the more you practice calming yourself down in the midst of anxiety, the more effective it becomes over time.


Eventually, you'll find that you experience fewer anxiety episodes, and calming yourself down will become second nature. It's a process, but with patience and practice, you can learn to manage your anxiety better and live a more peaceful life.


Remember, "The Body follows the Mind."

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